CCTV Cameras and Recorders

Advanced Professional CCTV Technology

Milesight offers a comprehensive product lineup which ranges from multi-megapixel network cameras and NVRs to video management softwares, meeting various requirements for video surveillance from entry level to high end. Get an overview of Milesight’s product lines.

Affordable CCTV Technology

Longse offers a highly competitive product lineup which ranges from Access Control, Network and HD Cameras, NVR’s and XVR’s and VMS Software. Get an overview of Longse’s product lines.

4G Solar Powered Cameras

As the IoT leader in telematics industries, JIMI is passionate about the design, sales and operation of IoT devices and services. Every day, some 6 million devices are tracked with JIMI’s Tracksolid platform, an own back-end software solution that has seen more than 12 million total connected devices.

Access Control

Access Control and Time & Attendance

Matrix COSEC is an enterprise grade People Mobility Management solution for modern organizations, covering Time-Attendance, Access Control, and more industry based security solutions.Matrix biometric Time-Attendance and Access Control devices are superlative in designs, versatile in functions and robust in performance and have been appreciated worldwide through multiple accolades.

Access Control using Facial Recognition and Temperature Meassurementtore

Longse offers a highly competitive product lineup which include Access Control using stat-of-the-art facial recognition and temperature measurement technology that is in line with the “New Normal”. 

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Mobile Biometric Access Control

BioSentri is mobile biometric access control, giving you true accountability and security everywhere. BioSentri allows users to authenticate themselves on their smart phone via the BioSentri App, using their enrolled fingerprint. The BioSentri controller connects your locks to the BioSentri App.. The Management Console gives you full control of your sites and KeyHolders (users

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TRACcess Key Control and entry Management

Supra, part of Carrier Global Corporation, is a leading manufacturer of the well know TRACcess key-control and entry-management products. Supra has a long, rich history of producing convenient and secure entry solutions that permit authorized individuals to open locks, and our products eliminate the cost and inconvenience of issuing and tracking physical keys. Supra’s systems use electronic keys that enable our customers to monitor entry to their sites and use that information to increase productivity. 

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Smart Security Guard Solution

Leader in Smart Guard Solutions

Creating a more safe and transparent environment for the large-scale public places or the communities you serve. The integrated dispatching system brings about a cost-saving for you that unifies PoC System, Video Streaming System, Digital Evidence Management System, and Patrol System.

Video Management and PSIM Software

Global Leading Open Platform Video Management

The AxxonSoft VMS and PSIM platforms power more than 240 Safe City municipal surveillance projects and security systems at retailers, banks, international airports, seaports, industrial sites, and numerous government and business facilities around the world.

Software of choice for Video Content Analysis

Being customer-oriented, Milesight is also dedicated to offering the best customers complementary video surveillance software such as VMS, CMS, Mobile APPs, Smart Tools and MSPlayer, meeting various requirements from entry level to high end

Integrated Dispatch Monitoring Platform for Jimi Products

Jimi Integrated Dispatch Monitoring Platform can integrate key information sources from various connected systems – PoC System, Video Streaming System, and Early Alarm System – into a unified platform.

It serves as powerful tool to transform how you view and manage information, and to prevent, detect and respond to potential threats more efficiently.

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Ethernet Switches

Global Leading Ethernet Switches and Cloud Management Product

HORED is a global leader in PoE devices supply. Established in 2006, Smarthotel systems ,Smarthome systems  and cloud based Apollo management of IOT devices and POE ethernet switches makes HORED a leading manufacturer. 

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