Enjoy freedom from managing individual keys

TRACcess System

The TRACcess® system harnesses the power of smartphones to deliver advanced remote site access control that’s ideal for offline applications like telecom and utilities networks, banking ATM service, property management, or other remote operations.  

TRAC-Guard™ Padlock

Ideal for remote and offline locations, the rugged and versatile 
TRAC-Guard™ padlock brings mobile access and real-time control to gates, hatches, equipment, lockers, or other places a padlock can reach. The Bluetooth® padlock comes ready for standalone use while providing all the commercial capabilities of the TRACcess® system for your access points.

TRAC-Lock BT Smart with Alarm Interface

All the features of the TRAC-Lock BT Smart are included in the TRAC-Lock BT Smart with Alarm Interface that can be integrated with an existing security or surveillance system. You can authenticate intrusion alarms in remote locations.

TRAC-Mini™ controller

Safeguard access points to 
unconventional locations with the TRAC-Mini controller. Compact and rugged, it fits small spaces like indoor and outdoor cabinets, drawers, or narrow door mullions.  Pair the controller with a TRACcess® relay for even more versatility. This powerful device brings TRACcess system benefits to more offline locations than ever.

TRAC-Vault BT Smart

The rugged and durable TRAC-Vault BT Smart, constructed of investment cast steel, is built for attack-resistance. Large enough to hold multiple keys or cards, the vault offers a  surface-mount model or recessed version for new construction.

See how the TRACcess System Works. Please click on the video below

TRACcess eKEY®

Put wireless technology to work with the TRACcess eKEY® app and harness the power of the smartphones that your employees or contractors already carry. The phone transmits data via the eKEY app to the TRACcess system after each access, whenever it is in cellular range, so you can monitor activity in real time. The eKEY app communicates with TRACcess locking devices via the phone’s Bluetooth® signal even when cell coverage is not available

TRAC-Box BT Smart

Encased in optional weather-resistant housing, the TRAC-Box BT Smart releases its key container from the bottom when keyholders press up at the base of the key box. 

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