Milesight CCTV products are sold and supported in South Africa

Mini Series

Milesight Mini Surveillance Camera Series is featured by ultra-mini size, stylish design and easy installation. The Mini Security Cameras not only aspire to protect your security with top-notch megapixel video quality, but also fit for your sleek decoration taste.

Pro Series

Milesight Pro Series cameras are the professional-level network cameras designed for those who are seeking for the up-most in quality, integration, design and reliability for their demanding surveillance needs.


Milesight LPR/ANPR Camera Series is embedded with LPR algorithm. It can automatically detect and capture licence plate in real time and compares to a predefined Black and White list, then takes appropriate action such as generating an alert.

PTZ Series

Milesight PTZ Security Camera Series provides pan, tilt and zoom functions, enabling wide area coverage and all-round monitoring. In combination with high resolution and HEVC compression, the cameras provide excellent detailed zoom-in views.

Panoramic Series

Milesight Panoramic Camera Series features with advanced technology, bringing panoramic viewing experience, which high resolution and latest design guarantee the detailed images and enjoyable user-experience.

Smart Functions in All Camera Series

With VCA embedded as standard, Milesight cameras support full 10 detection modes, which can alert the operator of detected predefined events automatically to strengthen safety management and to minimize damage through prompt response.


NVR Series

Milesight 4K H.265 NVR Series offers a robust system for diverse applications and empower users to set up and manage advanced IP surveillance systems with ease.



Being customer-oriented, Milesight is also dedicated to offering the best customers complementary video surveillance software such as VMS, CMS, Mobile APPs, Smart Tools and MSPlayer, meeting various requirements from entry level to high end.

Mobile VMS App

Milesight M-Sight Pro, a security camera app both for iphone and android, enhances security by providing administrators the flexibility to monitor the the live video from network cameras and NVRs via wireless network.

M-Sight Pro is a video management system that works with Network Cameras and Milesight NVRs (Model: MS-Nxxxx-U(P)T or MS-Nxxxx-U(P)H).The simple and intuitive interface is such user-friendly design which gives the user easy access to most functions, such as viewing the live videos and playing back the recorded videos.

MS Player

MSPlayer, a professional Milesight Media Player, is developed for playback of the recorded video stream downloaded from Milesight products covering Milesight Camera, NVR, CMS and VMS, ensuring the perfect compatibility without any problem during playing. MSPlayer greatly benefits users who use NAS for storage that require online playback of the recorded files without downloading, which facilitates the monitoring efficiency. It also provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to play digital media files, supporting various video formats including mp4, avi and ps as well as more advanced functions.

MS Smart Tools

Milesight Smart Tools is a powerful assisting software which can automatically find Milesight network cameras and NVRs connected in the LAN. It provides you a quick way to batch modifying devices’ settings and complete firmware upgrade. Also, It can be used for calculating the matching number of cameras, NVRs and disk spaces.

VMS Lite

Milesight VMS Lite(ONVIF compliant), is a handy and reliable application designed to work with IP cameras in order to provide video surveillance, recording settings and event management functions. With Milesight VMS Lite you don’t need additional equipment. The interface of Milesight VMS Lite is very easy to use, intuitive, with easy access to the most common activities,  such as viewing live video, searching through recordings and exporting videos and snapshots. It’s able to integrate with other devices through ONVIF and you can connect up to 64 cameras.


Milesight VMS Pro (ONVIF compliant) is one of the most innovative and most powerful video management software systems on the market and it will fulfill your highest requirements providing easy access to live and recorded video, facility maps and alarms. The user who has the authority can configure all server and cameras settings from a central location. Utilize the left panel navigation tree structure to navigate the server and cameras as well as to access features like search out the online server and cameras automatically, check the information of the server and camera. Use Client/Server architecture, it is a future-proof network video solution for large projects and can manage unlimited network cameras via unlimited working servers in different locations. It’s able to integrate with other cameras over ONVIF.


Milesight Central Management System (CMS) is an intelligent surveillance solution for users to control up to 256 devices, to remote preview and playback more conveniently. With high-efficient management performance, Milesight CMS software offers users a superior administration experience in such centralized system. Featured with friendly UI design, the intelligent video management system CMS allows users of all levels to setup and deploy solutions as easy as ABC. Moreover, E-map function provides users a smarter way to show the devices spatial distribution.


High quality
accessories to complement video surveillance systems

Camera Accessories

Adapt to Various Installation Environments · Protective Housing · Junction Box · Mount Accessories · Adapter Accessories

POE Switches

PoE Supply · IEEE 802.3af/at Protocol · Gigabit Uplink Ports ·
SFP Uplink Ports · 250m Extend Mode · 4KV Surge Protection · Up to 400W Power Budget · Self-adaption Port · Fanless · Exquisite Design


IP Connection · Up to 110 Devices for Milesight Camera and NVR · Built-in Web Server · 4-Axis Joystick · LCD Screen Display · Shortcut Keys · Convenient Operation

Milesight provides a wide range of convenient accessories includes wall, pole, corner mounts, adapter plate, housing, etc. to complement its network cameras and assist in your network video installation. The accessories can fulfill your variety of demands, whether the network cameras are to be placed in different demanding environments, such as poles, walls or corners.

With a range of PoE ports form 4, 8, 16 to maximum 24 and 2 SFP ports, Milesight PoE Switch Series provides flexible choices for various applications. It automatically recognizes the power receiving devices and offers power. Also, transmitting the data over one single Ethernet cable, it simplifies the network deployment in remote areas without power outlet.

Supporting network connection, Milesight keyboard is a truly convenient tool to control up to 110 devices including Milesight Network Camera and Network Video Recorder. With the built-in Web Server, it can support the use of browser to easily manage it. Besides, a LCD screen on the operation panel is easy to display operations. Moreover, the keyboard boasts the shortcut keys for PTZ control, NVR control, recording & playback control and light control operation, offering better user experience.

3 Year Warranty

We offer a 3 year swap-out warranty – excluding maliscious damage or incorrect installation